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Marriage and Family Therapist

Working in the field for over five years.

California License: 111866

Proudly announced that we are now transitioned to Inner Lemon Therapy.


Lien Lac, LMFT provides short and long term therapy to adolescents, adults and families.

People come to therapy for variety of reasons. I am here to help no matter if it is to repairing a relationship or building a stronger foundation for life transitions. Many feelings such as depression, anxiety, or stress may come up, but we will work together to reduce obstacles and develop steps to achieve your goals. I provide nurturing environment where we can talk about your concerns. I look forward to exploring this journey with you!



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I used to feel so helpless, hopeless and exhausted that I cannot get out of this situation. My child who has diagnosed for ADHD who used to be violent toward me and showed no respect to anyone. With Lien’s support, I have learned healthy boundaries I feel safe while gaining the insight to help him now that he is respecting me and motivated to do the tasks himself rather than making me do them. Now, I can see more smile on his face and feel such a relieve for myself too!

-- Mother

I feel so grateful for Lien’s support!  I have learned coping skills to manage my anxiety and depression while learning a new perspective of life transitioning that helped improve my ability to make healthier choice in my life.  

-- College Student

I remember I hated myself, had high expectation for myself, felt worried for almost everything, had conflict with my boss, co-workers, friends, and family and felt so lonely and isolated . Lien has been very genuine! She respected me and honest with me, dedicated to listen, be present and patient with me. With her support, I have learned coping skills to manage my feelings, rational thinking, improved my ability to let things go so that I am more acceptance to myself, maintain a healthy boundary with others and make better choice for my life, which makes me a much happier person.    


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